A consultant from the members of the Department is assigned to deal with the education, learning and other problems of the students in accordance with the Ankara University Undergraduate Education Regulations (RG date: 14.09.2014, number: 29119). Counseling process begin when students are enrolled in the university and continue until they graduate. The consulting process consists of the following steps:

  1. Students perform new registration and re-registration activities interactively from the Student Information System (OBS) and submit it to the consultant’s approval.
  2. Problems during the registration phase are resolved by notifying the “Help Desk” in the registration system.
  3. Career Days are organized by the Engineering Faculty in order to enable students to plan their career throughout their education. In addition, the studies carried out by the Ankara University Career Center (KARMER) on the subject prepare the students for their working life after their graduation.

Consulting process flow chart for undergraduate students.